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Diaries of a stay at home dad

July 19, 2012

I guess this is going to be a weekly blog. Honest to goodness, I think about writing almost every day, but clearly my ability to translate thought into typing is weak, at best. Not sure why I feel compelled to apologize to my blog, but I guess i have an overactive sense of guilt.

So last week was clearly a shot across my bow by the “stay at home” gods. Keagan came down with “hand foot and mouth disease” which i thought was a eradicated with polio, but apparently not. And it is nasty. Little red rash on the feet and hands (duh), sores in the mouth, high fever for a day or so, and puking. Excellent. Little dude must have a high threshold for pain, though because he barely cried or was grumpy. He cried more today because he didn’t get his afternoon nap. Well as we were getting over that “disease,” Liam comes down with strep. And it should have been obvious, but in my quest for fun down at the pool I played the “he’ll be fine” card. It didn’t help much that i had other family members telling me “he doesn’t have a fever, he’ll be fine.” the first sign was when he jumped into a pool where the water was like 90 degrees and started shivering. Uh oh.
Then he just started wimpering. “I’m ok.”

Not good. I knew he had a problem. But we were waiting for fireworks at 9:45, and its only 8. Well I have snacks and pop and stuff like that. So being a great father I get him some ice cream and stick him in the cart I brought for him and B. Now he is totally zoned out. So I give him the iPad to watch a show. When that didn’t work, i knew I was in big trouble. Ok, time to go home. Missed fireworks, but now i am more worried about melted ice cream and Marachino cherries spewed on my van.
In an effort to not be ignored, Brian told me that he needed to puke too. His performance was worthy of a Oscar nomination, but not a win.
After what seemed like a three hour drive, we pulled into the garage, Liam ran upstairs and barfed. Poor dude. Again, Brian, in his own cute little way, requested a bucket just like Liam’s, just in case.

Finally by Saturday the boys had beaten their respective illnesses, albeit Brian’s is still undiagnosed.

Now that we are well, let’s hit the pool.
Sarah and I decide to make a huge life change and have me stay home with the boys, and most of the US gets hit with the hottest summer…ever. Winter cabin fever sucks. Summer cabin fever blows. Thankfully we have access to a pool (with a full bar. NICE!). Liam has shed the water wings and is diving, constantly. Problem is he won’t get more than 5 feet away from the stairs. Then we have Brian. He likes to do flips in the water with his floaty..right next to the stairs. Ugh. I just stand there waiting to either call 911 or give some parent the name of my attorney so that we can figure out a settlement quickly from whatever damage my aqua men do to their kids.


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  1. Nicole permalink

    The stairs are where the cool, under-5 set hang out and plot ways to make their parents insane. Love reading these… most entertaining Phil!

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