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Diaries of a stay at home dad

July 9, 2012

Remember my last post when I said that I was going to get into a better routine of posting? I guess I was full of poop. In my own defense, I got a nasty (undiagnosed) sinus infection last week that just killed me. To their credit, the boys were easy on me last week. It probably helped that they knew there was a holiday week coming up, and they didn’t want risk losing out on any of the family and fun filled plans we has set.

So we checked out fireworks on the third, complements of brother ken/sisterinlaw michele and Avon oaks country club. But before that we went swimming, and wouldn’t you know it the pool had a diving board. Well the boys have never jumped off of a diving board before. This is a big moment in their short lives. So Liam wants to jump off without any swimmies on (those are for little kids), but of course I need to be in the water since he is not able to swim independently.
So he musters the courage to take the leap. Apparently all of the swimming lessons and reinforcement I have been giving him, while getting the best tan I have had since I was 17, left him when he broke the surface of the water. Luckily my life guard training from 20 years ago kicked in and I got him to the side of the pool with no problem, besides the fact everyone at the pool was looking at us, likely wondering if they should call child services or not. Liam tried it a couple more times, with swimmies, and seemed to like it, but retired soon to the shallow end for some less stressful wading.
Then we have Brian. Keep in mind that last august Brian fell out of a second story window and had nary (yes, nary) a scratch. So jumping off of a diving board is child’s play to him…Kind of. He has his shark float on so his fear factor is zero. So there is a line of kids waiting to go, and Brian is sizing up what jump he should perform, perhaps a one and a half twist, or a back two and a half flip. Whatever he was thinking, he was taking his time. Finally he looks down, and I tell him he has to go or get off the board. He sticks one leg out, holds his nose and falls off the board.
The Russian judge was not impressed, and only gave him a 5.0, but his originality was impressive.
So B swims to the side and hops up the ladder. “that was cool” he says. So he runs over to the board and cuts in front of like 8 kids. Clearly his diving board etiquette leaves something to be desired. Anyway, he must have jumped off of that board for an hour. He could not get enough of it.

So the fireworks are ready to start and Liam and Brian are sitting with sarah on a double camping chair, or love seat as we call it in the biz. So when the shots start going off Brian freaks out a little. We both reassume him and encourage him to enjoy, which he does, but he whispers to sarah “mom, every time one of the booms go off I pee my pants a little.” you can’t make this stuff up folks!

The rest of the holiday week we spent at the flannery retreat on Catawba island. We invited the Guinness people up to see if we could set a record of number of people sleeping in a two bedroom condo, but some plans fell apart and we didn’t hit the record. Perhaps next year.
They too have a pool that we spend most of our days at, and considering the heat index was above 100, and I needed to keep working on my tan, we were there most of the week. Liam had a huge accomplishment. All during a two day period he learned to dive to the bottom of the pool, then retrieve diving toys from the bottom. Most of this was done at the shallow end. But later in the day, a couple of the diving toys were dropped in the deep end. Uh oh. So after liam chastised Brian for dropping them in, he attempted to get them. No way, too deep. He came up, frustrated. I told him, it s just like you are swimming just below the surface. He is very good at swimming under water, but he says close to the surface of the water. So I convinced him that the deep end is a shorter distance than the distance he can already swim under water, but he still could not do it. So I told him I would jump in a get them in a couple minutes, and i sat back and relaxed for a moment
Then, without a sound, Liam took a breath, pushed himself down, dove deep and grabbed not one, but two diving toys that were on the bottom. Awesome. I was so proud my cautious, risk averse, little professor mastered his fear.

I am going to wrap up this post, but I may have a couple other stories i will write later, but I do have a quicky that made me chuckle today. We were swimming on out last day of fun, and Brian was commenting to me how cool one of the other girl’s pool float was, an alligator to be exact. She must have heard him and she offered it to him to play with. He very politely said “no thank you, I am done swimming now.”. He got out of the pool and walked over to me saying ” wow dad, that was awful nice of her to offer to let me use the alligator.” while this comment may seem unremarkable, it made me laugh to hear a child of four show appreciation for another child’s unsolicited act of kindness. Two things you don’t often see from adults, much less children.

Hasta mañana


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