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Diaries of a stay at home dad

June 25, 2012

Wow, or better yet whoa, what a week we have had. This has been the week from heck.
Liam and brian have bible camp in the mornings, then Liam has safety town in the afternoon, and the frosting for this mentally and emotionally draining cake is that Liam had three tee ball games this week.
Mercifully Monday’s game was a cancelled. But Wednesday and Thursday went on, in 90 degree heat and what seemed like 100% humidity. Tonight’s game was the last of the season. I am so proud of my little man. He has done such a great job picking up a game he knew nothing about, and really coming a long way. Considering during his second practice he batted, then when he was on first he waited for the next teammate to hit the ball, and he chased after it. After the dust had settled I explained to him that when you are batting you run from base to base. He says to me “coach told me when the ball is hit that I should run to and get the ball.” we call him “Literal Liam” for a reason.

So earlier this week Liam walked up and asked me “daddy, is it cocktail time yet?”

Cocktail time. I am sure cocktail time means something different to all people, but when I was growing up cocktail time was at 5 o’clock SHARP!
So at cocktail time in our house the boys get a delicious drink, and some nice snicky snacks, while we kick back and relax from our long days of playing in the sand box, or pulling some weeds, or perhaps drawing. Life is hard. You need to take the time to kick back, relax and enjoy it sometimes.

So I got a bike, I mean bicycle, for my birthday and I took it for a spin with Liam and Brian for the first time this weekend. We have one of those crazy cart things you attach to your bike, and it nicely fits two little monsters.
So we hit the towpath on a bee-utiful Saturday afternoon. Sarah was following us with keagan in one of our strollers. She organized the logistics, but didn’t notice that our route was 8 miles long. Not bad on a bike ride, but pushing a stroller, not gonna happen. She gave it the ol’ college try for about a mile and a half, then turned around. Good choice.
So me and the boys pushed on.
Ever see the chariot seen in Ben hurr? You know the one in the roman colosseum where the warriors are whipping the heck out of the horses as they race around the track?
Fast forward to today, substitute me for the horse, and Liam and Brian for the roman warriors. They sat back in the cart and berated me, pelting me with encouragement/criticism like “faster dad” or “put it in high gear dad”, “get up this hill, dad…c’mon, faster dad.”
I tell you what, pulling 80 pounds of kids is not easy. I loved it though, and the boys had a blast.

For all my adoring fans, I hope to get back into a better routine on my posts. Sorry for the belated post from this week.


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  1. debbie orr permalink

    keep up the good work!!!!

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