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Diaries of a stay at home dad

June 14, 2012

Brian: dad, I am not going hit liam or push him or yell at him today, because that is not nice. And if he does that to me, I am just going to tell him to stop, but wont hit him back.

Yes, my little Brian, the spark plug of the family, made that statement to me yesterday clear out of the blue. I bent down and told him that I was very proud to hear him say that, and he should never use violence to solve problems. Apparently he has been listening at church more than I thought. Funny considering I needed to carry him out of mass last week when he began yelling at Liam…its all a big cycle.
So, now are you wondering if he could walk the walk? Well give yourself a hand if you guessed approximately 2 hours before B was wailing on Liam. I asked him about what he had said to me earlier, and actually looked somewhat ashamed.

Ha…five minutes later he was picking on him again. Oh well. Baby steps.

If it is any consolation to Liam, whenever keagan has a chance he beats on Brian, and B takes it. Especially in the grocery cart. Brian sits in the cart, and keagan sits up top. Keagan kinda turns himself around and smacks the top of Brian’s head, over and over again. Brian: “ouch, stop. Ouch, stop. Ouch, please stop keagan.” it is actually funny to watch. The elderly contingent at the local giant eagle seem to find it adorable.

Speaking of the k-dawg, I have noticed that he taking his place in the slaght play group. Liam and brian have been more actively engaging him in play, and he has been following them around. At what point do they start having him do things for them. Pledge brother keagan, I can see it now.
And on the adorable-meter, brian and Liam were preparing to watch their afternoon show, and I had not put keagan in the pack and play, like I usually do. Keagan makes his way to the couch to climb up with his bro’s, but he doesn’t have the ups to…uh…get up on the couch. So Liam hops down and lifts his brother on to the couch. Then the three of them enjoy the antics of the octonauts. Life is good.

Got another post about hitting the zoo today,but I am tired…I will post tomorrow. Yes, that was a teaser.


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