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Diaries of a stay at home dad

June 12, 2012

A week has flown by since my last post. Not sure how that is possible. Not sure I remember much, since it was such a blur, but I will do my best to paint a accurate picture of the last week.

I realized that if I am going to survive I need more sleep. Getting to bed at 11pm is not healthy, wealthy or wise when attempting to keep up with three little men. So I decided to neglect the blog. You didnt really think I was going to keep up posting on a daily basis. Are you mental?

It is amazing to me how crucial routine it to my boys. Keagan misses a nap, or only gets a short nap, or Liam wakes up at 6:15 like he does often, and the whole day is out of whack. I am quickly realizing though that if the day is off a bit, it is a good idea to give the boys some latitude in determining what is next on our agenda. For example, keagan decided to head up stairs on his own, and liam told me “it must be time to play upstairs.” I asked I’m what he meant, and he said that keagan decides when we are going to play upstairs, because if we don’t he gets really mad and then he is hard to handle. Ok…if it is that simple, then I will just follow keagans lead.

So we went to baltimore for a long weekend, and the boys were my entourage as we prepared for the trip. Washing the car, packing the bags, getting some groceries and snacks, and of course hitting the liquor aisle. For some reason Brian has an affinity to high priced red wine. Case in point, I was picking up some booze recently and Liam says “Brian, you should out that down.” Brian was sitting in the cart, and as I wheeled by the high end wine, sticky fingers nabbed a nice bottle of $60 red wine. I realized that I should not raise my voice or make any sudden moves or I may be the proud owner of a broke bottle of red wine. I slowly made my way around the cart and calmly grabbed the bottle from Brian, and then told him to stop touching everything. I actually thought to myself “why do they have a bottle of expensive red wine at the level a 4 year old could reach.” I just transferred my parental responsibility to some 16 stock boy…I losing my edge…may have to turn in my wings.

I also let them pick out snacks for the car ride: pizza combos and rice crispie treats…that father of the year award is all mine.

Baltimore was a blast. Had a great time partying with our 11 week old cousin/nephew, and my brother and sister in law, and the boys learned some new stuff. They climbed a tree, and learned how to throw a frisbee, and cracked fresh crab…but they were not brave enough to eat it.
As for the frisbee, I think that my boys may have a bit of a trust issue with me now. After teaching them how to throw the frisbee, and showing them how to catch it, and telling them that the frisbee wont hurt them, I hit both of them in the face with the disc. Doh!
Now they both run from the thing when I throw it, and once it lands they pick it up. We will have to work on the frisbee.

Time for bed…another new day tomorrow.


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