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Diaries of a stay at home dad

June 5, 2012

As I write this entry I am listening to rocky mountain high for the third time today, all on different pandora stations. Don t get me wrong, I love pandora, I wouldn’t be able to stay sane in this new “job” without some sweet tunes. It just seems like the variety can be limited at times. Then again, it probably has more to do with the narrow width and depth of the musical selections i have setup on this thing. I am not going to embarrass myself and list my stations…in my own little world I know that I have little to no contemporary musical taste. But it is my own little world, so as long as keagan shakes his little booty to my selections, I am happy.

Had a nice weekend. I found it funny that on saturday sarah asked the boys if they wanted to hit the mall with her while I stayed home while keagan napped. I must be way too much fun to hang with because Liam and Brian decided to stay home with me. There goes that nap i was going to take. Boo.

So when I was a kid I was not allowed to leave the table until my plate was clean…I mean licked clean. My brother chris would sometimes sit at the table for weeks because he would not eat his asparagus. So when I feed my kids it pains me, literally and figuratively, when they don’t eat all the food I give them. Segway time…
When sarah and I started down this path i was very excited at the thought of more exercise, hiking, walking, etc. we have more metro parks near us than i can count. I want to get the boys up, fed, out the door and experiencing nature.

Ha. They just want play in the back yard. Mean while, when i see food left on their plates, I don’t want it to go to waste. So, i am eating their scraps so they don’t go to waste, and I am up 3 pounds since last week! How can that be? In don’t stop moving until 9pm.
I need a drink…oh, I have one, nice. Uh oh…there’s another pound.

So we needed to finish planting a huge garden we put in to teach the boys about sustainability, gardening, etc. I ask the boys to help me dig one inch deep holes for some onions. Of course they will help. There are hand shovels involved. So i show Liam and Brian what to do, and how to do it. I walk away to find some stuff we need and they have dug a small trench, as well as digging up some veggies i already planted.
But wait….they dug up a worm. AWESOME. They are so excited about these worms. It is really amazing what they find interesting. And then they see a millipede. Whoa! It’s the little things in life.

Throughout all of this, I keep asking the boys how I am doing…”great dad, but we need the shovel to dig up more worms.” who needs disney channel when you have a garden.

So we are done in the garden, which is good because keagan is waking from his slumber. He gets a snack, and then we play for a bit. I attempt to have him stay in our screened in porch, to no avail. The kid slides through doors as soon as they open, like a master thief. I lose track of him for a moment, and he is gone. I run into the house, and I see Liam. “where is keagan?”
Liam: ” I don’t know”
Me: “what do you mean…he was right here. I asked you to keep an eye on him”
Liam: “sorry daddy. I think he went this way…”
After we found him in our bedroom, I put keagan in his high chair and locked him in. Then I realized that i just held Liam accountable for keeping track of a one year old, as if he was 16 or perhaps even older. And the best part was that Liam reacted as if it was his responsibility. There is a lot of people I used to work with, and who may be reading this blog, that didn’t show that kind of accountability. Liam is 5 going on 35.

So my time management is out of whack. In started dinner at 5, and Liam has a 6pm t-ball game. Wha? I look at the clock at 5:25 and i am just putting the food on the boys plates. Uh oh. I basically tell the boys to eat as fast as possible, while putting on their shoes jackets. Now I know why Brian is asking to take my blood pressure with his toy doctor set at least a dozen times a day.

T-ball was great tonight. Liam had a couple hits (one actually his arm, but give him a break) and a couple nice snags in the field. You know, where he sticks his glove out and the ball ends up in his glove. I tell ya what, he looked smooth!

Yet again it is 11pm, and I wanted to be asleep by 9. Oh well. I will make up the sleep when I retire.


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    Love it

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