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Diaries of a stay at home dad

May 31, 2012

Well it only took until breakfast on day two for me to finally lose my patience, and can you guess who was the guilty culprit?

If you guessed brian, give yourself a round of applause.  The combination of laying on the  kitchen table and then spilling his juice all over the floor did it.   I am sure I will learn to accept this with less anxiety, but at that moment I needed to drop a couple of my signature “gaddammit”s to make me feel better.

You see, the rock has “the people’s elbow”, hulk hogan has a boring leg drop, Bret the hitman hart has the “sharpshooter”…my go to is a loud, strong “gawddammit [enter name here]”. It is a slaght trademark that my father taught me, and he taught me well.

We  hit story hour at the library where we ran into several of Liam’s tee ball mates.  They quickly started playing way too loud and got corrected by the librarian.  I was the only parent to make an attempt to quiet them down.  I felt like such party pooper.

Anywho, we enjoyed story time, including the craft of decorating hackey sacks.  The instructor says “these are balls that you kick around with your feet and your knees, but I don’t how to do it.”  guess who does know how to hack…BINGO.  Me.  All days out front of 1518 Alberta st in Dayton finally pay off.  Nothing like impressing a bunch of 3-6 year olds with my useless talent.  Liam and Brian were so proud

Ok.  Headed to Sams club for a couple things and then home.  Keagan is tiredemand grumpy, but he will be fine. Right?  Wrong!

People were avoiding my line and going into longer lines just to stay away from the crying kid.  Didnt help some dumbass in front of me used a check and he apparently wanted to write it in perfect cursive because he took forever.  Booooooooo.

So we get home and I put keagan to bed.  No luck.  He is not going to nap.  Well, nothing some animal crackers can t cure.

Dinner was quiet as we had bratwurst , which the boys all love.

On to tee ball.  Sarah met me there and she took b and k home.  God love her.  I could now enjoy the chaos that is tee ball.  Liam ripped two singles down the third base line…nice.  Considering he didn’t know how to run the bases two weeks ago, he has come a long way.  My big boy!

Got home, cut the grass, kiss the boys good night, and now enjoying a cold summer shandy on the backporch.  I am exhausted.  Two days down, a lifetime to go.

By the way, I hate how the iPad corrects me.  It is driving me nuts.


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  1. amanda permalink

    Who writes checks these days unless it’s for a parking ticket?

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