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Day 1 of daddy day care

May 29, 2012

Well this isnt so hard. I turn on the tv and you guys stare at it like zombies for hours! And tv is so much mor educational than when i was a kid…although voltron and transformers are still awesome.

It rained a bit, but not all bad. We had a dance party for a bit, and lunch was uneventful, except for Brian not eating his carrots. Big surprise.
Time to hit home depot to get play sand. Rock and roll.

Well we hit spent some money at home depot, and caught Brian climbing up some of the plant racks just in time…again.
A couple of detours, and we hit the mall. Brian ran into a display of something, and skinned his leg. He said it looked like worms. Weird.
The lady at jos a banks told me I needed my receipt to return a sport jacket. I must have left it in the car. I told her that I guess I will have to go back to my car. Strangely enough, she was then able to process the refund without the receipt. Nice. Having these three little monsters with me has worked out well.

Overall, the first day was great. The boys told me several times how happy they were that I was staying home. That alone made this a great first day (tear). See you tomorrow.


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  1. debbie orr permalink

    love this…keep it up!

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